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"Hello Flamingo" Afternoon Tea Set Delivery

Triple surprise with Sweet, Passion and Warm

「極雪祝福 」下午茶 “Iceburg Wisper” Afternoon Tea

以美食寄寓愛心 別具意義的佳節
Let’s picnic with your besties & sweeties! Anytime, Anywhere!

Frosty Garden “Ride-with-You” High Tea Delivery Set

Take all Frosty delicacies in a handy Fuel yourself energy in your own garden

外賣可設有自取或速遞服務。外賣速遞到付運費港島區 HK$50-100;九龍區 HK$90-150; 新界 HK$120-200。外賣下午茶附送紐約有機花茶2包。
**Delivery Charge ~ HK Island HK$50-100; Kowloon HK$90-150; NT HK$120-20 (Free New York Organic Tea bag 2pc)

Afternoon Tea Delivery Service (Pre-order 3 days before)
下午茶外送服務 (需要三天前預定)

Your sweetest surprise!DK Cuppa Tea「Oasis Rhapsody」Afternoon Tea Set

Full-scale Attack from a gangs of cute kittens!
Harmonizing the sweetest movement with you!

In this hot summer,nothing is more suitable than bringing your beloved pets for a relaxing and chilling picnic! Imagining how carefree you are when carrying a luggage, hugging your pets and following your heart to your next destination where is far away from hustle and bustle for an adventure!

 DK Cuppa Tea has prepared everything for you in your “suitcase”, allowing you to date your family and besties to open our tailor-made basket and enjoy our 「Oasis Rhapsody」Afternoon Tea Set in calm together. We offer basket rental service as well for such delicate afternoon tea set in case you would like to takeaway for picnic enjoyment or stay at home for staycation! Don’t forget to check-in on Instagram or create your own Oasis Rhapsody with your pets while enjoying the deliciously fresh savories!

Besides all seamlessly mixes of delights waiting for you to tuck into, this Insta-friendly suitcase is packed with all your picnic wishes and expectations! Uncovering the suitcase gently, you will discover some cute kittens are gazing at you shyly and waving at you naughtily. As if situating in the realm of Oasis with your beloved ones or pets, 「Oasis Rhapsody」Afternoon Tea Set helps you to unwind in your Wonderland.

As usual, DK Cuppa Tea has been searching all sorts of groceries. The tea set features reimaged traditional savories including tomato & basil muffin, mini sandwiches, cheese tomato pastry and our signatured British scone with unique rose jam.

When you’re contented with our classic savories, Oasis Rhapsody featured creative cute sweets are waiting for you such as caramel muffin, petite madeleine, and chocolate brownie. Keeping your cute spirits soaring, cat designed cookies, cat paw hazelnut macaroons and chocolate are melting your heart softly. This deluxe experience is made even more indulging with organic floral tea and your second wave of surprise ─ marshmallows in cute cat’s head, butt and paw clapping along with you the rhythm of sweetness.

DK Cuppa Tea locates in crowded area in Sheung Wan, striking her best to offer calming wonderland for everyone to relax and enjoy afternoon tea happily. This newly launched「Oasis Rhapsody」Afternoon Tea Set is available from 17th August , 2020 to 31st October, 2020. Reserved in advance for creating a unique moment your beloved ones!
Want to take this cute tea set away for enjoyment at home or outside?DK Cuppa Tea offers basket rental service at deposit $500, which is fully refundable when the basket is returned. Simply bring it to any check-in spots on Instagram with 「Oasis Rhapsody」!

Tea Set Delivery services include self-pick-up or home delivery. For home delivery, charges apply subjected to locations: Hong Kong Island HK$50-100;Kowloon HK$90-150; New Territories HK$120-200。Tea Set Delivery comes with 2 packs of New York organic floral tea.

“Spoiling Trace” Afternoon Tea Delivery Set Anytime, Anywhere!

DK Cuppa Tea presents you “Spoiling Trace”, afternoon tea set available for you to take home, featuring your favorite animal on this planet, doggie! Not only you and your bestie can share the afternoon tea set, your doggie too! You can now purchase a dog snack box with $100 on top to share supreme happiness moments with your beloved dog!

“Spoiling Trace” Afternoon Tea Set is prepared for you to take home or take away to enjoy the wonderful afternoon tea time with your dog anywhere. Customers can choose self-pickup or have it delivered to your doorstep or at your picnic desired picnic location. DK Cuppa Tea has made it so handy for you and your fluffy friend for a lovely enjoyable time together.

“Spoiling Trace” Afternoon Tea Set includes a three-tiered stand, alongside a dozen sweets and savories: 2 flavored mini-muffins (caramel, tomato basil), dog-shaped cookies, signatured scone with homemade jam, mini croissant with Salami and crab stick with Parma ham & cheese.

For sure taking care of your dog is on our checklist, DK Cuppa Tea offer snack box with salt & sugar free ingredients. Spoil egg, spinach puree, chicken and carrot.

“Spoiling Trace” Afternoon Tea Set is available for 2 and 4 persons at HK$348 and HK$568 (take-away or delivery only). RSVP for beginning your special spoiling trace with your doggies anytime and anywhere! Self-pickup or Home Delivery are available;For delivery charge: Hong Kong Island HK$50-100;Kowloon HK$90-150; New Territories HK$120-200.

Frosty Garden “Ride-with-You” High Tea Delivery Set Anytime, Anywhere!

Planning your party at Office or Home?
Wanna send a Tea Set as a gift to Someone’s Party?

Takeaway or Delivery!
DK Cuppa Tea is delighted to lift you a ride to your frosty garden. This “Ride-With-You” set gathers the essentials to build a garden and fuel you up with the frosty energy!

The Frosty Garden “Ride-with-You” Set is available at two convenient locations at DK Cuppa Tea
The build of your frosty garden starts by the foundation with scone and tartlets. The scone is made with natural yeast and it tastes fantastic with Jam, together with the tartlets will give you strength for the frosty sweet.

The snowflake-ridden Earl Grey cupcakes and macarons are too beautiful to eat, with them a mouthful will refresh you from head to button, Earl Grey carousel cookies will settle you down on the ground. The last taste of crispy cake and the chocolate set a finale of your garden building.

The Frosty Garden “Ride-with-You” Set is priced at HKD 348/Set (2 persons serving) or HKD 568/Set (4 persons serving). Having the set riding with you is the best way to motion ourselves in daily lives.
Delivery charge please call 23863588 for details!

Wanna have a more relaxing and playful experience? Let join the DIY workshop after finishing the meal. From now, you can pay $100 / $150 to make your own perfume (10ml / 30ml), and also, you can add $100 to redeem a special aroma necklace (Original price $399). If you thinking of the gift to your beloved, don’t miss this chance!

For more information about the shop or its products, please visit the DK Aromatherapy website, WhatsApp us at 9788 9378 or email To find out more about its latest news and promotions, follow its Facebook page.